Prior Year Tax Return

How can we file a prior year tax return? Call +1-855-785-2511 Toll-Free .

These are the following step that you can choose to find your status Gather your tax docu

Social Security Number. You must enter the SSN or IRS personal taxpayer identification number shown on your tax return.
filing status. Please select filing status in your tax return.
Refund Amount. You have to enter the exact dollar refund amount shown on your tax return.



If You’re Expecting a Refund and Need to File Your 2015, 2014 or 2013 Taxes

If you are expecting a refund, then you have 3 years from the original due date to file a paper in your tax return. (If you originally file an extension, you get an additional 3 months.)

If you miss this deadline, still, any rebate you owe will be seized by the government.

Dates for last year’s return to paper files – Expect refund

Eligibility for the Tax returns:

Assessor with total income of Rs 5 lakh and above
Individual / HUF resident with property located outside of India
An assesses for submitting a report of audited audit under 10 (23C) (V), 10 (23C) (Vi), 10 (23C) (through), 10 A, 12A (1) is required. Under (B), 44AB, 80EA,  80IB,  80CC, 80Ed, 80JJAA, 80LA, 92E or 115JB Act.
The assessee is required to give notice to the Assessing Officer under Section 11 (2) (A).
A firm (which does not fall under the provisions of Section 44AB), AOP, BOI, Artificial Judicial Person, Cooperative Committee and Local Authority (ITR5).
An assessed required to submit Return U / S 139 (4b) (ITR 7).
A resident who is signing the authority in any account located outside of India
A person who claims relief under section 90 or 90 An or deduction under Section 91
All companies.

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