Turbotax Phone Number Customer Support Call 1-8-55-785-2511

How Can I pay for TurboTax Online? call +1-8-55-785-2511

1.tax payment return by tax payment or clicking or tapping orange (if it is not already open) Take me to my return button Blue Simple and accurate screen Continue previous.

If you have already filed, click or tap Add a State to reopen your return (do not worry, we are not actually adding a state.

2.Click on the file near the top-right corner of your screen, then click Next to review your order.
Mobile device: Tap on the upper-left corner to open the side menu, then tap the file, then start (next to review your order)

3.On your Order Summary screen, scroll down and click View payment options.

4.Tap or tap on Make a payment with a credit card (the card should have a U.S. billing address) or pay with a facelift refund (fees may apply).

Where do I enter my estimated tax payment?

Enter an estimate of any federal, state or local tax payment made by you underestimated estimate in estimates and other taxes. Depending on the product, you will find this section in deduction and credits under the Federal Taxes tab or Personal tab. For the shortcut, type “pay estimates” in the search box and use the “Jump” link.

Your state and local tax payments are automatically transferred to your state return. We will also use them to determine whether or not you will be benefitted from the deductible instead of a standard deduction.

How do I enter an estimated tax payment in the TurboTax business? Call -1-8-55-785-2511

In most cases, you can reach the estimated tax section by clicking on the opening your return, Federal tax payment tabs and then select another right below it.

You may have to answer some tax payment questions before reaching the screen.

You can try to find an approximate tax deduction in the upper-right corner to jump directly to the entry screen.

Exceptions S corporation and partnership returns are detailed below.

How does Turbotax calculate my estimated tax payment?

If you are at risk for an underpayment penalty next year, then we will calculate the tax payment quarterly estimated tax payment and prepare the voucher (Form 1040-ES) for printing. Mail your payment with the relevant 1040-ES voucher at the IRS address listed on the voucher. Quarterly payment dates are printed on each voucher.

IRS direct pay with your checking or savings account

Pay by online or by phone using electronic federal tax

Payment system (EFTT)

Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW), available only
During e-filing
Transfer the same day’s wire from your bank
Cash payment in retail partner

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