For Turbotax customer support telephone number Call 1-855-785-2511

E-file rejections related issues  to incorrect or duplicate name, birth date, or Social Security numbers

This can happen when Turbotax Technical support information on your federal withdrawal was not recorded and when state error investigation was going on, Turbo Tax requested you to enter the address information. If the state is entered in an error check it will generate this error message. It can also be done with other fields which include the following, but not limited to: SSN, name, phone number, city, last name etc.

Information Worksheet: For electronic filing (state name) information should not be entered directly on the worksheet. You must complete the Federal Information Worksheet .



Turbotax Technical support

 Turbo Tax FAQ Related issues :

The e-file transmission problem occurs when your return does not come after clicking on transmit returns. This is a technical problem with your computer or internet connection

If you have not clicked the transmit return yet, you do not have the transmission problem. Rather, your refund can not be e-filtered for any other reason. Turbotex will tell you why
If your withdrawal status is pending or rejected, then you have no transmissions issued as your return is with our electronic filing center and / or the IRS / State Agency.

Turbotax Technical support  problem Issues :

here we mentioned some errors which you have trouble with using of turbo tax you can read these page and you can solve your issues

  Regarding to Internet Connection issue  :

you can solve your issues by  Check your router How to disable your virus protection software Check your Internet connection (Windows) Security software  and spyware detector of your system .


Troubleshoot for Windows Download Issues :

If you have feeling difficulty in download   the turbo tax for your program, follow all of the following steps, and then try to download again after completing each one.

Turbotax Technical support Advantage: Some Turbotex Advantage customers report that there is no blue “Download Now” link in their account. Instead, you can easily solve this problem by clicking the product details in the item order column. Go here for a screenshot

If you have successfully downloaded your product but now you are having trouble finding or installing it, see the link at the end of this article.

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